Sunsets thoughts #1

There is too much beauty and goodness in everything despite the present negativity surrounding us. So at the end of the day there's still a reason for us to smile. - J.Go Taken from the rooftop of our house.


My travel board

*White & blue - places that I already visited. *Green - places that I will visit this year. *Red - bucket list Sharing my travel board where I plan my next travel 🙂 #travelislife

Bucket List

In no particular order Palawan * (El Nido) Sorsogon Occidental, Mindoro (Apo reef) Bohol (Chocolate hills and Panglao Beach) Cebu (Canyoneering at Moal Boal) Leyte and Samar (Kalanggaman Island, Sohoton national park, Biri rock formation, and San Juanico bridge) Surigao (Enchanted river) Camuigin Batanes* Iloilo (Isla de Gigantes and Guimaras) *- priority Cross out in … Continue reading Bucket List

Travel Log #10: Top 5 Experiences from our Romblon & Sibuyan trip

The whole Dagubdob Falls experience: from the tricycle ride, to seeing the majestic G2 (Mt. Guiting-Guiting) right in front of us, to passing by the "cross country", and Dagubdob Falls itself. The whole trip to Cresta De Gallo: The big waves and having breakfast on the island we had to ourselves The food. Kipot River, … Continue reading Travel Log #10: Top 5 Experiences from our Romblon & Sibuyan trip